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Building Technologies Sector Review


Definition and scale of sector

  • Commodity materials (cement, timber, etc),
  • Commodity manufactured products (tiles, bricks, sanitary ceramics),
  • Sub assemblies (fire alarms, other safety, mechanical lifting and handling equipment, electronic sensors),
  • Equipment/tooling manufacture/hire,
  • Design/professional services,
  • Construction services

Why the sector was chosen in the West Midlands

  • Significant concentrations of activity especially in north of the region associated with commodity materials and low value added metal goods and ceramics.
  • Need for modernisation.
  • Shift from low value added commodities to higher value added systems, with scope to build on developments in materials such as polymers and recycling.
  • Significant force for change in relation to urban regeneration and the transformation of the image of this region.

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International conference on building education and research - CIB - May 2008

In February 2008, Sri Lanka was the setting for a major CIB international conference on building education and research (BEAR 2008), in conjunction with CIB W113 (Law and dispute resolution), CIB TG53 (Postgraduate research training in building and construction), CIB TG63 (Dispute and the built environment), CIB TG67 (Statutory Adjudication in construction), CIB TG68 (construction mediation, and CIB TG69 (Green buildings and the law).

Source: CIB


Construction in Sri Lanka - India Pakistan Trade Unit - June 2007 

Sri Lanka has a population of 19,7 million people (end of 2006) and a population growth of 1,1 per cent. Even 2,2 million live in the capital city Colombo and 22% of the total population live in the urban areas.

The Colombo region generates nearly half of the entire economic performance.
After having grown consistently since 2002 the GDP is estimated to grow about 6 per cent in 2007. The construction sector contributes 8,6 per cent of the GDP in 2005 and the real growth of the sector accounted for 24,2 per cent of the GDP.

Source: India Pakistan Trade Unit



Construction Sector - A Report from UKTI - August 2006

The Construction sector grew by 5.5 in 2003 to 6.6 in 2004. (Source: Central Bank of Sri Lanka).  This is a noteworthy growth, as Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) large-scale infrastructure projects are still to be implemented. The growth has basically come from private sector small and medium term activities such as construction of apartment complexes and condominiums, supermarkets and retail sales outlets, pumping stations, Tsunami housing and individual housing projects. The ongoing road projects both in the Southern and Northern parts of the country also contributed to the growth performance of this sector.

Source: UK Trade & Investment





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