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Mizoram contributes14 per cent to the country's bamboo production, the climate is ideal for setting up agricultural and forestry produce based industries. It offers immense potential for commercial exploitation of the natural resources for export oriented industries.

Bordering Myanmar and Bangladesh, Mizoram offers a gateway for engaging in international trade with the Southeast Asian countries. Central and State Government provide incentives and concessions for establishing industries in the area. Special incentives for promotion of export oriented industries and other thrust sectors are also provided. With a literacy rate of 88.8 per cent, Mizoram offers a highly literate workforce.

Knowledge of English is an added advantage of the Mizoram workforce. With improving road, rail and air connectivity and the establishment of trade routes with neighbouring countries, trade facilitation has improved significantly over the last decade.

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Key Industries

Bamboo Industry

Mizoram has abundant reserve of Bamboo forest covering 1,254,400 hectare, with a yield of 3,237,689 million tonnes per year. Around 28,315 million tonnes of bamboo is harvested per year, a 99 per cent surplus waiting to be exploited.

Mizoram's area under bamboo cultivation accounts for14 per cent of India's bamboo cultivation area. Mizoram grows 23 varieties of bamboo, of which five provide high economic value.

The Mizoram Government is keen to invite FDI in bamboo-based industries such as mat-ply, blinds, chopsticks, incense sticks, etc.


Mizoram has potential for developing 2,196 MW of power, of which, only 69.3MW has been installed. 73 sites have been identified for installation of small hydro plants and 11 have been given approval. Several incentives and concessions are provided by the Central and State Governments for non-conventional power generation units.

Agriculture and Horticulture

Horticultural production of fruits, vegetables, spices, cotton, coffee, tea, birds eye chilli, anthurium and rose has immense potential in Mizoram.

Out of 631,000 hectare (ha) identified for horticulture, only 46,000 ha is being used, leaving an untapped potential of 92 per cent. Use of pesticides and fertilisers is low in Mizoram, leading to rich organic produce, which makes it attractive for exports.

Food Processing

Mizoram produces 12 per cent of the fruits in Northeast India, and the yield per hectare is on the rise because of adoption of modern horticultural practices.

With abundant natural resources and supporting policies, the food processing sector offers potential for investment. Allied services such as cold-chain management also provide potential for investment.

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With its highly green hills, crisscrossing rivers, and interspersed lakes, Mizoram is a tourist's paradise. The number of domestic and foreign tourists has been increasing consistently, the number of foreign tourists arrival increased by 35 per cent between 2006-07 and 2007-08.

Creation of tourist complexes, adventure sports and resort facilities, amusement parks, health farms, hotels, convention centres, tourist travel services, etc. offer various avenues for investment in the tourism sector of Mizoram.


Mizoram's IT policy aims to increase the use of IT in the industrial and government sectors. With the second highest literacy rate in the country, affordable costs, strong English-speaking population, improved telecommunications connectivity, and favourable climate, Mizoram is well positioned to attract investments in the IT industry.

The Mizoram Government plans to set up software technology parks in the state to provide a one-stop-shop for IT industries. The IT policy also provides various incentives and concessions for investments in the sector.

Sericulture, Handlooms and Khadi

Mulberry, muga, eri, oak-tussar and silk are cultivated in Mizoram. About 176 villages are engaged in sericulture in 17 farms across 4,900 ha. The Department of Sericulture of Government of Mizoram is promoting the industry for export.

Ethnic handloom and crafts of Mizoram have a large market in India and abroad. Bamboo crafts and the ready-to-wear ethnic clothing are currently being marketed by the government agencies.

The Mizoram Government is expanding the business by involving private players in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of handloom and crafts of Mizora

Minerals and Stones

Mizoram has mineral deposits of shell limestone, siltstone, clay mineral, coal seam, oil and gas.

Building-quality stones are exported to Bangladesh.

Several agencies are involved in oil and gas exploration in Mizoram and have signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the State Government. Mizoram has numerous natural water springs and offers potential for manufacturing mineral water.

Medicinal Plants

Mizoram has rich flora and fauna with a variety of medicinal plants.

About 95 per cent of the population in the interior regions of the state depends on medicinal plants for general cures. The state has identified specific medicinal plants, which can be cultivated and processed.

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