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Business Opportunities



There are many advantages in doing business in Manipur. Firstly the advantageous conducive agro-climate conditions give significant potential for growing various horticultural crops. There are a wide variety of rare and exotic medicinal and aromatic plants that grow in the state and processing and marketing such plants is done so without facing many bureaucratic hurdles. Along with the climate the geographical location of the state means it within easy reach of the south eastern Asian countries and so trade with countries such as Myanmar is easy.

The availability of skilled labour is a major plus point for Manipur, with a literacy rate of 70.5 per cent the state offers a largely educated workforce.

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Key Industries

Khadi and Village industry

The Khadi and village industry not only provides employment to people in rural and semi urban areas at low investment per job, it also makes use of local skill resources, and provides part time as well as full time work to rural artisans, women and minorities. In 1996 a state board of development of khadi and village industry was established to over look the industry and ensure smooth development. The sector produces goods worth about US$10 million a year and employed over 70 000 people in 2009.


The handloom industry is the largest cottage industry in the state, which makes Manipur among the top five states in terms of the number of looms in the country. To keep the industry in line with international welfare guidelines there have been a number of schemes introduced such as group insurance, health package, work-shed cum-housing scheme, project package scheme, and integrated handloom village development project.


Cloth embroidery, cane and bamboo, ivory, stone and wood carving, metal crafts, deer horn decorative articles, supari working sticks, dolls and toys are some of the well known Manipuri handicrafts. Due to the abundance in cane and bamboo basketry is a popular occupation of the people of Manipur.

Pottery is also a popular handicraft but mainly in the Senapati districts of the state.


Manipur has four varieties of silk making sericulture a large industry in the state. The government of India initiated with the assistance of Japan the Manipur sericulture project which aims to provide employment to women folk. Around 94.71 per cent plantation was achieved under this project.

In 2007-08 the central silk Board and Ministry of textiles assisted the catalytic development programme with financial assistance of US$ 0.24 million.

Food Processing

The states agro climatic conditions are suited to the food processing industry making it a major thrust sector of Manipur. The state is well known for its fresh packed pineapple and passion fruit, pulp, juice, toffee and concentrate, lemon and orange juice, ginger oil, ginger lime, canned mushrooms and fresh in brine or canned dry bamboo shoots amongst other products.

Bamboo Processing

The state government has undertaken a scheme for setting up bamboo processing units in the state by using the US$0.1 million fund from the North Eastern Council (NEC) in 2005-06.

The government has also set up initiatives to build a bamboo technology park. The main objective of the park is to set up entrepreneurial cluster based bamboo processing units, on public private partnership basis under the special purpose vehicle (SPV) mode, in association with the National Mission on Bamboo application (NMBA), government of India.


Manipur boasts a very tourist friendly climate with pleasant temperatures year round, exotic greenery and varied flora, and a rich tribal culture. In 2007-08 over one million tourists visited Manipur.

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